New Oakland Acura Facility

Sales Department Open in New Location July 15th




Parts/Service will be open Monday, July 16.  

As anyone who has ever done any kind of construction project knows, the only thing you can count on is that it will take much longer and cost more than you planned!  We are no exception.  The planned date to open was Monday, July 9th, but our paving has been pushed back, and we are moving this week, and operating in the new location Monday July 16th.  We will have sales people in both locations later this week. Check out the latest photos below!

We are excited to announce that our new State of the Art Facility is well underway and set to open very soon!.  The gorgeous new showroom will have plenty of space and light to showcase a variety of new Acura Models.  Our new location at 6701 Oakport St. will allow for easy access to freeway test drives, and we will have all the luxury amenities and latest technology to make your purchase or service experience a pleasure. 

In addition, when fully complete our new facility will be very enviromentally friendly with solar panels, recycled water in our car wash, energy efficient heating and cooling, energy efficient windows and insulation. Our parking lot features bioretention systems designed to capture rain runoff, keeping pollutants out of the storm drains.  

Our service department is excited about their new service drive to make dropping off your car a breeze. Our new dedicated Accelerated Service drive will make getting your oil changed quick and easy, and the new automated car wash, coming soon, will speed up the wash process.  Our waiting area is spacious and will feature the WIFI and snacks you expect, with a few more surprises to come. Don't want to wait? Our service shuttle drivers are available, or ask about our on-site loaner cars, available with appointment for some services.

Please watch our website or our newsletter for regular updates and more photos. As a family owned company, you can be sure the faces you are accustomed to seeing and the level of service you have come to expect will only be enhanced by our new facility.  We can't wait to show it to you!

Photos taken July 14 are on our Home Page Banner Slides.

Photos taken June 28:

Outside is just waiting for signs and paving. This is the exterior new car display area. It's really starting to look like the artist rendering now!


This is inside the showroom. You can see the paint, lights, tile and mezzanine are all done.  Just waiting for final cleaning and furniture.  



Older Photos below: 


Front in late March                                                              Getting closer Late April Progress

 Beginning of May


June 8th, Getting ready for paving

 Side view of Service

Customer Lounge/Cafe Area is shaping up! (May)

Showroom looking up at Mezzanine (April)


Showroom tile being installed Early June


Showroom tile being grouted (How come giant projects only take an hour on HGTV?) Early June.


New Car Delivery Area will be inside the showroom! (April)

 Service Drive Drop off area Skylights being installed
 Sneak a peak at the Jumbotron from Service Drop off
 Huge new shop for fast, efficient service
 Drive Through car wash being installed

Stay tuned!  More new photos coming soon.